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Dave, My dad and I really enjoyed our fishing trip on Choke lake. I have always loved fishing, and have aquired a good bit of knowledge over the years, but whenever I get out on the water I rarely catch anything. All of the information you shared with me on the trip, tied together all of my previous knowledge, and I am now much more confident on the water, and have a greater understanding of how "bass work." My dad never really shared the love I have with fishing, but after our trip, he learned a lot, and appreciates the sport of bass fishing more. He now realizes that there is more to fishing than just luck, and I think we will now enjoy more trips together. Thanks again, Grant Lockhart

Dave, We had a great tournament even though the fishing was slow. We used the info from your journals to mark several places on the map. Then we started checking them out one by one. While pre-fishing we caught fish from the cut in the Four Fingers area and from one in Opossum creek. The cut at Four Fingers held out and we had 17.5 # on Saturday and 17.8# on Sunday. It was good enough for 2nd place. Your information was super valuable. The way you explained finding the locations on the map to start with was key in eliminating lots of water. This has given me more confidence and a flood of ideas to try on other lakes. Thanks a ton for the help and I am looking forward to the Amistad trip next month!! Shawn

David: I want to let you know how much I appreciated your professionalism and hospitality on our trip to Choke Canyon. What a formidable body of water that is to a first timer like me for that lake. Your patience and direction was most helpful in my understanding of where the fish were located and, better yet, how to catch them once we found them. That Champion Boat was terrific on the open water. My back was the best its ever been after spending all day on a lake, particularly with the choppy water we encountered. Good Fishing...John
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